Sentence Examples with the word FERRI

LUIGI FERRI (1826-1895), Italian philosopher, was born at Bologna on the 15th of June 1826.

Yolande of Anjou, who in 1444 had married Ferri of Lorraine, count of Vaudemont, became heiress of Nicholas of Anjou, duke of Calabria and of Lorraine, in 1473, and of Rene of Anjou, duke of Bar, in 1480; thus Lorraine, with Barrois added to it, once more returned to the family of its ancient dukes.

Schuermans in his researches discovered that during the 15th and 16th centuries many glass-workers left Altare and settled in France, - the Saroldi migrated to Poitou, the Ferri to Provence, the Massari to Lorraine and the Bormioli to Normandy.

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The syrupus ferri phosphatis cum quinina et strychnina (Easton's Syrup) contains IIths of a grain of quinine in each drachm, that is, in each dose.

Vinum ferri citratis (ferri et ammonii citratis t gr., orange wine i fl.