Sentence Examples with the word FELLOW

Inward to meet its fellow at the back of the bladder, just above the prostate.

Among the public offices held by the earl were those of lordlieutenant of Aberdeenshire, president of the society of Antiquaries from 1812 to 1846 and fellow of the Royal Society.

JOHN STOKESLEY (c. 1475-1539), English prelate, was born at Colly Weston in Northamptonshire, and became a fellow of Magdalen College, serving also as a lecturer.

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He attended some of the divinity classes at the university, where also he formed a lasting friendship with two of his fellow students, well known afterwards as Professor Duncan and Dr Chalmers.

This action, which really broke the back of the rebellion, was bitterly denounced by some of his fellow conspirators, who even ascribed their misfortunes to his insane belief in his own superhuman powers.

On the first of these visits he made the acquaintance of a fellow bibliophile in Petrarch, who records his impression (Epist.

If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.

Wycliffe left three intimate disciples: - Nicolas Hereford, a doctor of theology of Oxford, who had helped his master to translate the Bible into English; John Ashton, also a fellow of an Oxford college; and John Purvey, Wycliffe's colleague at Lutterworth, and a co-translator of the Bible.

In 1787 he became pastor of a Baptist church in Leicester, and began those energetic movements among his fellow religionists which resulted in the formation of the Baptist Missionary Society, Carey himself being one of the first to go abroad.

Jurieu defended the doctrines of Protestantism with great ability against the attacks of Antoine Arnauld, Pierre Nicole and Bossuet, but was equally ready to enter into dispute with his fellow Protestant divines (with Louis Du Moulin and Claude Payon, for instance) when their opinions differed from his own even on minor matters.