Sentence Examples with the word FEDERAL

The subjects of legislative power are very similar to those of the United States congress; but control of railroads, canals and public roads is explicitly given to the federal government.

The postal services and the telegraphs are administered by the federal government.

Mark (November 15, 1863), and his adhesion to the holstein new constitution, promulgated two days before, which question, embodied the principle of the inalienable union of the Elbe duchies with the Danish body politic. The news of this event caused vast excitement in Germany; and the federal diet was supported by public opinion in its decision to uphold the claims of Prince Frederick of Augustenburg to the succession of the duchies.

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In 1853 he was elected to the National House of Representatives as an independent, and issued an address declaring that all men have an equal right to the soil; that wars are brutal and unnecessary; that slavery could be sanctioned by no constitution, state or federal; that free trade is essential to human brotherhood; that women should have full political rights; that the Federal government and the states should prohibit the liquor traffic within their respective jurisdictions; and that government officers, so far as practicable, should be elected by direct vote of the people.

Two years later home consumption returns noted the slaughter of 958,058 cattle (129,938 in the Federal District), 561,982 sheep, 992,263 goats and 887,130 hogs - the last item being larger than the census return of 1902.

Caleb Strong (1745-1819), a member of the Federal Constitutional Convention of 1787, and governor of Massachusetts in1800-1807and 1812-1816; Joseph Hawley (1723-1788), one of the most prominent patriots of western Massachusetts; Timothy Dwight; Arthur (1786-1865), Benjamin, and Lewis (1788-1873) Tappan, prominent philanthropists and anti-slavery men; and William D.

In 1901 the Supreme Court delivered several judgments in cases arising out of the annexation of Porto Rico, which handled, though they did not fully settle, divers points of novelty and of importance, and still more recently questions of great intricacy affecting the respective legislative rights of the Federal and the state governments have come before it.

On the formation of the Commonwealth a Labour party was established in the federal houses.

Russia and Great Britain had already protested against the occupation of Holstein and the support given to the Aiigustenburg claimant; and now Beust, the Saxon minister, was proposing that the federal diet, which had been no party to the protocol, should formally recognize his claim.

May through a long life never be reminded of the Federal government, except when he votes at Federal elections (once in every two years), lodges a complaint against the post office, or is required -to pay duties of customs or excise.