Sentence Examples with the word FAUBOURG

The withdrawal of Mersenne in 1614 to a post in the provinces was the signal for Descartes to abandon social life and shut himself up for nearly two years in a secluded house of the faubourg St Germain.

He was, however, not in supreme command, and therefore not responsible for the ill conduct of the war; he distinguished himself in various actions; and when, in October, he returned to Paris his popularity in the faubourg St Antoine was undiminished.

He emerged again in the following year, and took part in the events of the 10th of June and the 10th of August 1792, when he led the people of the faubourg St Antoine to the assault of the Tuileries.

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Accordingly, in spite of the warning of General Cavaignac, he mounted the barricade at the entrance to the Faubourg St Antoine, bearing a green branch as sign of peace.

The title of marquis, which Napoleon did not revive, has risen proportionately in the estimation of the Faubourg St Germain.

On the 2nd of July 1652, the day of the battle of the Faubourg Saint Antoine, between the Frondeurs under Conde and the royal troops under Turenne, Mademoiselle saved Conde and his beaten troops by giving orders for the gates under her control to be opened and for the cannon of the Bastille to fire on the royalists.

In 1665 a manufactory was established in the Faubourg St Antoine in Paris, and another at Tour-la-Ville near Cherbourg.

Like his father, he was a brewer, and gained great popularity in faubourg St Antoine by his beneficence.