Sentence Examples with the word FAIT

He was forced to recognize the new French empire, but he would recognize no more than the fact of its existence (du fait en luimeme); he refused to address the emperor of the French as a brother sovereign.

Had he advanced on Ibraila he might have prevented the Turks entering the principalities and so forced Russia to accept the fait accompli.

The translation was printed under the title Abrege de chronologie de M le Chevallier Newton, fait par lui-meme et traduit sur le manuscrit anglais.

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Europe refused to take any direct action against the Mussulman, but Latin feudalism, assembled at Venice, diverted the crusade by an act quest of conof formal disobedience, marched on Constantinople, seized the Greek Empire and founded a Latin Empire in its place; and Innocent had to accept the fait accompli.

The external rehabilitation of the Church had become, in many points, a fait accompli, but, internally, events had not kept pace with it.

During the anxious months that followed the Austrian coup, the efforts of diplomacy were directed to calming the excitement of Servians, Montenegrins and the Young Turks, and to considering a European conference in which the fait accompli should be regularized in accordance with the accepted canons of international law.

I just decided it was a fait accompli and we might as well address the situation as best we can.

La religion chretienne veut que nous le croyons ainsi, et la raison naturelle nous persuade entierement cette verite; car si nous considerons la toute puissance de Dieu, nous devons juger que tout ce qu'il a fait a eu des le commencement toute la perfection qu'il devoit avoir.

This became all the more apparent as his own health failed during 1907; for, though he was obliged to leave much of the leadership in the Commons to Mr Asquith, his possible resignation of the premiership was strongly deprecated; and even after November, when it became clear that his health was not equal to active work, four or five months elapsed before the necessary change became a fait accompli.

In the centre a medallion, surrounded by a red fillet with the motto of the order, L'union fait la force, bears a golden Belgian lion on a black field.