Sentence Examples with the word FAILURE

The failure of the scheme made a contest with France inevitable, at least unless the Germans were willing to forgo the purpose of completing the work of German unity, and during the next four years the two nations were each preparing for the struggle, and each watching to take the other at a disadvantage.

The tea plant was first introduced in Natal in 1850, but little attention was paid to it until the failure of the coffee plantations about 1875, since when only small quantities of coffee have been produced.

Reprisals on the part of the subadar were followed by war, and, annoyed at the failure of his pacific schemes, the governor resigned and returned to England in 1764.

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The chief cause of this failure, as well as of the failure of the colonies, on which he bestowed so much watchful care, was the narrowness and rigidity of the government regulations.

There are various minor external causes for the failure and ultimate destruction of cement mortar and concrete, but their discussion is a matter for the specialist.

The ruinous failure of the great Armada in 1588 demonstrated the incapacity of Spain to maintain her pretensions.

Happily, Johnson soon had an opportunity of proving most signally that his failure was not to be ascribed to intellectual decay.

The failure of these negotiations, for which he was only in part responsible, led to the universal movement of indignation and impatience, which ended, in France, in the declaration of neutrality (1408), and at Pisa, in the decree of deposition against the two pontiffs (1409).

Troublesome insects, vampire bats, and the failure to introduce new blood into the degenerated herds, are responsible for its decline.

One failure of the marketplace is the misattribution of the amount of utility an item will bring a person.