Sentence Examples with the word FACILITY

But, Quite Apart From This, Electrical Methods Possess The Greatest Value For Calorimetry, On Account Of The Facility And Accuracy Of Regulating And Measuring The Quantity Of Heat Supplied By An Electric Current.

His style in its simplicity, facility and clearness owed something to De Foe, something to Cotton Mather, something to Plutarch, more to Bunyan and to his early attempts to reproduce the manner of the third volume of the Spectator; and not the least to his own careful study of word usage.

He acquired no inconsiderable facility in the Greek language, from which he made and published some translations.

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The verse shows great facility of metrical composition, but a considerable portion of it is transferred from the tragedies of Seneca.

His facility in giving his confidence to unworthy people was now to be visited with dire calamity.

Girls, in like manner, marry very young, some at ten years of age, and few remain single beyond the age of sixteen; they are generally very prolific. The bridegroom never sees his future wife before the wedding night, a custom rendered more tolerable than it otherwise might be by the facility of divorce.

I'd like you or your people to check every medical facility in and around Cleveland.

By the exercise of tact, discretion and inviolable good faith, the correspondents gradually won the confidence of the army, so that towards the end of the war officers of all ranks were keen to have them with their troops and to give them every facility permitted by official regulations.

They have a decided love of poetry, and exhibit great facility in improvising verses and poems on all occasions, and they sing, everywhere, from morning to night.

The entrance under the facility was hastily dug but the tunnel running beneath the facility had thick metal walls and concrete floors and was lit by battery-operated lanterns.