Sentence Examples with the word FACILE

Francigenis occidentalibus facile persuaderi poterat sua rura relinquere; nam Gallias per annos aliquot nunc seditio civilis, nunc fames, nunc mortalitas nimis afixerat.

As an opposition party the Left had lived upon the, facile credit of political promises, but had no well-considered programme nor other discipline nor unity of purpose than that born of the common eagerness of its leaders for office and their common hostility to the Right.

To the west of the Casiquiare there is a much shorter and more facile connexion between the Orinoco and Amazon basins, called the isthmus of Pimichin, which is reached by ascending the Terni branch of the Atabapo affluent of the Orinoco.

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Extremely handsome, he was a sturdy and valiant knight, affable, courteous, a brilliant talker and a facile poet.

Its facile flow and rhythm seem to adapt it to the expression and illustration of personal feeling.

Such was the first conquest of Ireland, a conquest too facile to be secure.

St Paul was in any case an unusual writer, by no means facile or with ready command of expression; still, he could by an effort express what he wanted, and new situations called up new words and new minor ideas.

The abbe de Chateauneuf instructed him early in belleslettres and deism, and he showed when a child the unsurpassed faculty for facile verse-making which always distinguished him.

They lose their facile cleavage and become hard, dark-coloured, slightly lustrous rocks, which have a splintery character or break into small cuboidal fragments.

The German dialects were too rough to receive that artistic elaboration under antique influences which had been so facile in Tuscany.