Sentence Examples with the word Félix

The young emperor was during the first years of his reign completely in the hands of Prince Felix Schwarzenberg, to whom, with Windischgratz and Radetzky, he owed it that Austria had emerged from the revolution apparently stronger than it had been before.

Moreover, two years afterwards a Catharist synod, in which heretics from Languedoc, Bulgaria and Italy took part, was held at St Felix de Caraman, near Toulouse, and their deliberations were undisturbed.

His friends, whom the procurator Felix had sent to render account to Caesar for some insignificant offence.

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De Keratry, La Creance Jecker; l'empereur Maximilien, son elevation et sa chute (translated into English by Venables); La Contre-guerilla francaise au Mexique, are specially noteworthy; Prince Felix Salm-Salm's Diary gives valuable information as to Maximilian's decline and fall.

One of his most celebrated pieces was Zofjowka, written on the country seat of Felix Potocki, a Polish magnate, for this was the age of descriptive as well as didactic poetry.

On the other hand Mendelssohn by his pragmatic conception of religion (specially in his Jerusalem) weakened the belief of certain minds in the absolute truth of Judaism, and thus his own grandchildren (including the famous musician Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy) as well as later Heine, Borne, Gans and Neander, embraced Christianity.

In 1886 he was chosen to succeed Felix Klein in the chair of geometry at Leipzig, but as his fame grew a special post was arranged for him in Christiania.

In the countries which bound its northern limit it is not frequently met with, but in South America it is quite common, and Don Felix de Azara states that when the Spaniards first settled in the district between Montevideo and Santa Fe, as many as two thousand were killed yearly.

Among other Amsterdam societies are the Felix Meritis (1776), and the Anti et Amicitiae (1839), whose art exhibitions are of a high order.

Faure (Paris, 1897); P. Bluysen, Felix Faure intime (1898); and F.