Sentence Examples with the word Exserted

The four succeeding sections, in which the ovipositor is modified into a sting (always exserted from the tip of the abdomen) and the trochanters are with few exceptions simple, form the Aculeata of Linnaeus.

The tongue is short, and the sheath in which it lies concealed opens near to the front margin of the lower jaw; scarcely more than the two terminating points are exserted from the mouth when the animal is in the water.

Long, from snout to end of tail, the exserted portion of the tusk may measure 6 or 7 and occasionally 8 ft.

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E, Surface view of the shell with gill-tentacles exserted as in a, Mantle.

They are hypogynous, and have long and very delicate filaments, and large, linear or oblong two-celled anthers, dorsifixed and ultimately very versatile, deeply indented at each end, and commonly exserted and pendulous.

It is often exserted with a rapid motion, sometimes with the object of feeling some object, sometimes under the influence of anger or fear.