Sentence Examples with the word Explored

After Heinrich Barth, who explored the country in 1851, the first traveller to penetrate Adamawa was the German, E.

Maw, explored the central part of the Great Atlas with the special object of investigating its flora and determining its relation to that of the mountains of Europe.

From Sidon, and later from its more famous rival Tyre, the merchant adventurers of Phoenicia explored and colonized the coasts of the Mediterranean and fared forth into the ocean beyond.

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Tasman doubled the southern extremity of Van Diemen's Land and explored the east coast for some distance.

David Thompson (1770-1857), an employee at different times of the Hudson's Bay and North-West Fur companies, explored the region of the Missouri river in 1797-1798, and thus anticipated the work of Lewis and Clark, who entered the present limits of the state in 1804 and wintered among the Mandans,constructingFortMandan in what is nowMcLean county.

In 1672 Jacques Marquette, a Jesuit father, after having established a mission to the Indians at Mackinaw (Michigan) in the preceding year, explored the country around Chicago.

In the same year Daniel Greysolon Du Luth, a coureur de bois, explored the upper Mississippi and the Wisconsin and Black rivers.

The United States exploring expedition, commanded by John Charles Fremont, explored the Wind River Mountains and the South Pass in 1842, under the guidance of Kit Carson.

Her fingers explored the leg, feeling for a hock to make sure it wasn't a hind leg.

He took her arm with one of the hands that had explored every part of her body not two weeks before.