Sentence Examples with the word Expiring

We find, however, as late as 1473 the attempt made to bind all teachers in the university of Paris by oath to teach the doctrines of Realism; but this expiring effort was naturally ineffectual, and from 1481 onward even the show of obedience was no longer exacted.

The House of Representatives is chosen for two years, the terms of all the members expiring together.

Coming still nearer with the expiring breeze, we saw that the Frenchman had a second whale alongside; and this second whale seemed even more of a nosegay than the first.

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It was most piteous, that last expiring spout.

Senators are elected for a term of four years, one from each of fifty senatorial districts, the term of one-half expiring every two years.

Charitable and penal institutions are under the supervision of a Board of Public Charities, appointed by the governor for a period of six years, the terms of the different members expiring in different years.

The National Telephone Company, working under licence expiring on the 31st of December 1911, had until 1901 practically a monopoly of telephonic communication within London, though the Post Office owned all the trunk lines connecting the various telephone areas of the company.

Senators are elected, one from each of the twentythree counties and one from each of the four legislative districts of the city of Baltimore, for a term of four years, the terms of one-half expiring every two years.

Far from being an initiator, he maintains that Chenier's poetry is the last expression of an expiring form of art.

In the absence of express agreement or custom or statutory provision (such as is made by the Agricultural Holdings Act 1883), a tenancy from year to year is determinable on half a year's notice expiring at the end of some current year of the tenancy.