Sentence Examples with the word Experiencing

But, on the hypothesis that knowledge contains no inferences beyond experience, it follows that all the objects of knowledge, being objects of experience, are, or have been, or can be, present to an experiencing subject.

She was not merely singing; she was experiencing the music.

He did, experiencing Charles' memory of tasting the blood of a Watcher.

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It is not necessary for him to follow Schopenhauer, Hartmann and Fechner in endowing the material universe with will or any other mental operation, because his phenomenalism already reduces inorganic nature to mere objects of experiencing subjects.

Stanley, which went to his rescue by way of the Congo in 1887, and after encountering incredible dangers and experiencing innumerable sufferings, met with Emin and Casati at Nsabh, on the Albert Nyanza, on the 29th of April 1888.

Just before Ignatius was experiencing the call to conversion, Luther had begun his revolt against the Roman Church by burning the papal bull of excommunication on the 10th of December 1520.

However, you're obviously experiencing something bizarre.

One of the characteristics of actual experience is that its object is, or has been, present to an experiencing subject; and of possible experience that it can be present.

In fact they were experiencing a complete range of unseen emotions from hysteria, through delight to utter despair.

The governmert, in fact, was experiencing the truth that, if a defeated ministry may be occanionally restored to place, it cannot be restored to power.