Sentence Examples with the word Expecting

The Guardian snapped to attention, expecting a mission.

On his assurances the lords, expecting an amnesty, withdrew their guards from the palace and next day found that the bird had flown to the strong castle of Dunbar.

Jessi went to the couch, expecting to see her cousin lying there watching TV, as she did at home.

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The Russian army, expecting Napoleon to take the road to the right beyond the Dnieper--which was the only reasonable thing for him to do-- themselves turned to the right and came out onto the highroad at Krasnoe.

He would be expecting my call Saturday night.

And what seemed still more terrible to her was that since her father's illness began (perhaps even sooner, when she stayed with him expecting something to happen), all the personal desires and hopes that had been forgotten or sleeping within her had awakened.

She was expecting Prince Andrew any moment and twice that day sent a manservant to the Vozdvizhenka to ascertain whether he had come.

You were expecting me.

She faced her father, not expecting to see the small crowd of people on the other side of the monument.

He wasn't expecting Fate to crack a joke.