Sentence Examples with the word Expanding

It passes by the hamlet of Port Valais, once on the shore of the lake, before expanding into the Lake of Geneva, between Villeneuve (right) and St Gingolph (left).

The present magnificent building was a slow growth extending over three centuries and expanding gradually as the republic grew in riches.

The secular importance of Henry's activity has been somewhat obscured by his achievements in the sphere of ecclesiastical politics; but no small part of his energies was devoted to the task of expanding the royal authority at the expense of temporal competitors.

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He even produced a notebook, a sure sign of expanding curiosity.

It is simply a hydrostatic mechanism for expanding the tentacles.

The area BCDdb under the path represents the external work done by the substance in expanding from B to D, which is analytically represented by the integral of pdv taken along the given path.

It consists of a small hydraulic press, which forces a set of expanding bits or wedges into a bore-hole previously bored by a long screw augur or drill, worked by hand, the action of the press being continued until a sufficient strain is obtained to bring down the coal.

Joule failed to observe any change of temperature in his apparatus, and was therefore justified in assuming that the increase of intrinsic energy of a gas in isothermal expansion was very small, and that the absorption of heat observed in a similar experiment in which the gas was allowed to do external work by expanding against the atmospheric pressure was equivalent to the external work done.

These static and kinetic conditions succeed each other rapidly, and the result is to detach or throw off from the antenna semi-loops of electric force, which move outwards in all directions and are accompanied by expanding circular lines of magnetic force.

Came less, while at the same time the expanding population necessarily led to diversified interests at home.