Sentence Examples with the word Exhumed

Padua claims to be the oldest city in north Italy; the inhabitants pretend to a fabulous descent from the Trojan Antenor, whose relics they recognized in a large stone sarcophagus exhumed in the year 1274.

Excommunicated posthumously by Pope Calixtus IV., his body was exhumed and thrown in the common sewer.

He died on the 13th of November in the same year, and was buried in Westminster Abbey, but after the Restoration his remains were exhumed and buried in a pit in the yard of St Margaret's, Westminster.

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He died in November 1655 and was buried in Westminster Abbey, but his body was exhumed and maltreated at the Restoration.

Two skeletons were exhumed near the (From Tilesius.) FIG.

Rather than subject themselves to the tyranny of Ali Pasha, the Pargiotes decided to forsake their country; and accordingly in 1819, having previously exhumed and burned the remains of their ancestors, they migrated to the Ionian Islands.

The collected works of Hrabanus himself contain nothing new, but in some glosses on Aristotle and Porphyry, first exhumed by Cousin, there are several noteworthy expressions of opinion in a Nominalistic sense.

This charge, however, was not made until three years after his death, when his bones were exhumed for trial.

He was found guilty, however, and his body was ordered to be exhumed and burned; but a friend had secretly removed it, and the Inquisition had, therefore, to content itself with the public proclamation of its sentence and the burning of Abano in effigy.

The majority of inscriptions and images bearing her name have been found in Gaul, Germany and the Danube countries; of the few that occur in Rome itself most were exhumed on the site of the barracks of the equiles singulares, a foreign imperial bodyguard mainly recruited from the Batavians.