Sentence Examples with the word Exempting

Ultimately Vieira returned to Portugal with a papal bull exempting him from the jurisdiction of the grand inquisitor, and in January 1681 he embarked for Brazil.

In April 1687 he published a Declaration of Indulgence - exempting Catholics and Dissenters from penal statutes.

The first mention of the town is in 1 2 75, in a charter of Floris IV., count of Holland, exempting it from certain taxes.

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He was for exempting American shipping from Panama Canal tolls and also supported woman suffrage.

As to the proprietors Franklin succeeded in 1760 in securing an understanding that the assembly should pass an act exempting from taxation the unsurveyed waste lands of the Penn estate, the surveyed waste lands being assessed at the usual rate for other property of that description.

A similar enactment exempting the clergy, known as Cain Pairaic, was agreed to in 803.

His Libro de Tasos fixed the tribute to be paid by the Indians, exempting all men under eighteen and over fifty.

As to the justice of such a progressive tax, there is a common opinion in its favour among economists, at least to .the extent of exempting a certain minimum of subsistence from taxation; but the present writer, after accepting this view in early life on the authority of Mill, must now express the greatest doubt.

The Conservative Agrarians were conciliated by a series of tariff acts placing heavy duties on the importation of agricultural produce and exempting from duty agricultural implements.

In 1679 the English obtained from the Mogul emperor a firman exempting them from dues everywhere except at Surat; but Shaista Khan refused to recognize the document, and on the 14th of January 1686 the court of directors resolved to have recourse to arms to effect what they could not obtain by treaty.