Sentence Examples with the word Excreted

It is excreted very slowly and therefore accumulates in the system.

The protoplasm derives its food from substances in solution in the water; the various waste products which are incident to its life are excreted into it, and so removed from the sphere of its activity.

The skin consists of a transparent cuticle excreted by the underlying ectoderm, the cells of which though usually one-layered may be heaped up into several layers in the head; beneath this is a basement membrane, and then a layer of longitudinal muscle fibres which are limited inside by a layer of peritoneal cells.

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The cells which line them and also the cavities of the tubes contain urates, which are excreted from the blood in the surrounding bodycavity.

It is excreted by all the secretions and excretions of the body.

The food must be digested, absorbed and excreted with great rapidity.

In the case of these red-purple bacteria the colouring matter is contained in the protoplasm of the cell, but in most chromogenic bacteria it occurs as excreted pigment on and between the cells, or is formed by their action in the medium.

They are readily absorbed into the blood, and they are excreted chiefly by the kidneys in a more or less altered form, and probably also by the different mucous membranes, and even by the skin.

Each of these cavities presumably excreted waste products to the exterior by a pore.

The patient who survives half-an-hour will probably recover, as the volatile acid is rapidly excreted by the lungs.