Sentence Examples with the word Excluding

Wallace, whilst insisting that the range of observed and measured variation was much larger in proportion to the size of the organisms or parts of organism affected than was generally believed, leaned to the Darwinian view in excluding from the normal factors in the origin of species variations of the extremer ranges of magnitude.

While John's Apocalypse is distinctly eschatological, the Epistles and the Gospels often give these conceptions an ethical and spiritual import, without, however, excluding the eschatological.

His office brought him in L20,000 a year,' and he was known to be making large profits by the sale of offices; he maintained his power by corruption and by jealously excluding from office men of high standing and ability.

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As yet no solid reason has been alleged for excluding fluctuating variations, on account of their limitation, from the materials for specific change.

And we now know that, excluding the southern tropical area, it has the same character throughout the whole of China proper.

C. 9), and, on the other hand, by means of the papal interdict, excluding whole countries and kingdoms at once from the means of grace.

In this way it was possible to increase the war establishment, excluding the Landsturm, by about half a million men without adding to the burden in time of peace.

Flaminius; Gaius); (b) by the enactment in the time of Gaius Gracchus excluding members of the senate from the equestrian centuries.

He persevered, however, in the task which he had set hithself, and introduced a measure endowing Ireland with a parliament, and excluding the Irish members from Westminster.

The Donatist position, like that of the Novatians, was that the mark of the true church is to guard the essential predicate of holiness by excluding all who have committed mortal sin; the Catholic standpoint was that such holiness is not destroyed by the presence of unworthy members in the church but rests upon the divine foundation of the church and upon the gift of the Holy Spirit and the communication of grace through the priesthood.