Sentence Examples with the word Excluded

This was distinctly unfavourable to Canada's claims, since it excluded Canadians from all ocean inlets as far south as the Portland Channel, and in that channel gave to Canada only two of the four islands claimed.

The nobles were excluded from all share in the administration, which was in the hands of boards (juntas) of lawyers and men of the middle class.

An entirely opposite dietary is that in which butcher's meat is completely excluded and proteids reduced to a minimum, as advocated by Dr Haig.

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Its value, however, varies; the earlier volumes are not so full as the later, the documents are not so well calendared, and some classes are excluded from earlier, which appear in the later, volumes.

Sundays and public holidays are usually excluded in computing time if they are the last day within which the act was to be done.

In exceptional cases they are either confined to the branchial region or excluded from it.

Provincetown village was long second only to Gloucester in the cod fisheries, which low prices and the introduction of larger vessels and correspondingly costlier fittings have greatly 1 Sulla excluded the equites from the list; the lex Aurelia (70) reinstated them.

They excluded the Deity from all direct action upon the world, and substituted for a cosmic principle the active intellect, - thus holding a form of Pantheism.

When the existence of God is denied (atheism), or His nature is declared unknowable (agnosticism), or He is identified with nature itself (pantheism), or He is so distinguished from the world that His free action is excluded from the course of nature (deism), miracle is necessarily denied.

So in the Categories, he first divided things said 0ra XEy6 i 1Eva) into uncombined and combined, or names and propositions, and then divided the former into categories; and in the De interpretatione he expressly excluded mental conceptions and their combinations, and confined himself to nouns and verbs and enunciations, or, as we should say, to names and propositions.