Sentence Examples with the word Excise Duty

In the United Kingdom the excise duty is eleven shillings per proof gallon of alcohol, while the customs duty is eleven shillings and 5' g fivepence; the magnitude of these imposts may be more readily understood when one remembers that the proof gallon costs only about sevenpence to manufacture.

Injurious as the excise duty undoubtedly was to the glass trade generally, and especially to the flint-glass industry, it is possible that it may have helped to develop the art of decorative glass-cutting.

In 1793, when the excise duty was 21d.

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In the report of the Excise Commission a list is given of the glass manufactories which paid the excise duty in 1833.

In 1907 an excise duty was, for the first time, levied on beer.

Before 1825, when the excise duty was introduced into Ireland, there were flourishing glassworks in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Waterford.

From 1712 to 1853 an excise duty ranging from id.