Sentence Examples with the word Excepted

Thus for the number II, which is not an excepted number, the two sets of partitions are in each set 6.

The descendants of Harmodius and Aristogeiton alone had been excepted from the operation of the law.

There were at the same time powers existing in India to keep the Mahrattas in check, and some parts of India were excepted from their depredations.

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Connecticut, however, excepted a strip bordering on Lake Erie for 120 m.

Rights which the landlord desires to retain over the lands let are excepted or reserved.

The sooty-grey colour that, deepening into blackish-brown on the crown and quills, pervades the whole of its plumage - the lower tailcoverts, which are of a deep chestnut, excepted - renders it a conspicuous object; and though, for some reason or other, far from being a favourite, it is always willing when undisturbed to become intimate with men's abodes.

He was excepted from the general pardon proclaimed at the accession of Henry VIII., and when Louis XII.

The formula shows that except for numbers of the form (3n 2 n) the number of partitions without repetitions into an odd number of parts is equal to the number of partitions without repetitions into an even number of parts, whereas for the excepted numbers these numbers differ by unity.

Three-quarters of the population of Russia) form a class apart, 4 largely excepted from the incidence of the ordinary law, and governed in accordance with their local customs. The mir itself, with its customs, is of immemorial antiquity (see Village Communities); it was not, however, till the emancipation of the serfs in 1861 that the village community was withdrawn from the patrimonial jurisdiction of the landowning nobility and endowed with self-government.

The parts of Virginia and Louisiana not affected were those then considered to be under Federal jurisdiction; in Virginia 55 counties were excepted (including the 48 which became the separate state of West Virginia), and in Louisiana 13 parishes (including the parish of Orleans).