Sentence Examples with the word Excelled

They are the largest blocks known to have been used in actual construction, but are excelled by another block still attached to its bed in the quarries half a mile S.W.

The shade-grown tobacco was, however, hardly likely for making wrappers to be excelled by any tobacco in the world.

In episcopal administration he far excelled most of his contemporaries.

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She excelled in the delivery of the risky prologues and epilogues which were the fashion, and the poet wrote for her some specially daring examples.

Where Erasmus excelled was in prefaces - not philological introductions to each author, but spirited appeals to the interest of the general reader, showing how an ancient book might be made to minister to modern spiritual demands.

She almost equalled her husband in knowledge, and infinitely excelled him in talent and in tact.

The latter ceramist excelled also in the production of purple, green and yellow glazes, which he combined with admirable skill and taste.

Attica was famous for its olives and figs, but general agriculture excelled in Peloponnesus, where, by means of irrigation and drainage, all the available land was utilized.

Jackson considered feeding a sport; one he excelled at.

Kenzan, adopted his style, and left a reputation as a decorator of pottery hardly less brilliant than Krins in that of lacquer; and a later follower, HOitsu (1762-1828), greatly excelled the master in delicacy and refinement, although inferior to him in vigour and invention.