Sentence Examples with the word Examining

She was still skittish, so he hadn't done much examining of her.

She lifted the egg to the light and took her time examining it.

Among the revisions may be adduced some addition to our knowledge of dyspepsia, attained by analytic investigations into the contents of the stomach at various stages of digestion, and by examining the passage of opaque substances through the primae vine by the Rntgen rays.

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It consists of a definite contractile sac or sacs lying on the dorsal side of the alimentary canal near the oesophagus, and in preparations of Terebratulina made by quickly removing the viscera and examining them in sea-water under a microscope, he was able to count the pulsations, which followed one another at intervals of 30-40 seconds.

Alex, Bill and Jonathan were examining a lawn mower that wouldn't start while Carmen and Katie were preparing the food.

He was examining the plan, evidently engrossed in his own ideas.

Upon entering the place I found a number of young seamen gathered about a table, examining by a dim light divers specimens of SKRIMSHANDER.

He held her gaze, and she had the sense that he was looking beyond her, to her soul, examining it as only Death could.

Bailey, on examining 63 of them, found that with one exception their periods lay between 10 h 48 m.

In 1839 he visited Greece for the purpose of examining the art of the Eastern Church, both in its buildings and its manuscripts.