Sentence Examples with the word Examined

When these plants were examined they had small swellings or nodules on their roots, while those grown in sterile sand without soil-extract had no nodules.

They examined the rest of the garments and each, upon careful observation, was identified in a like fashion, although some of the markings were so faded they were no longer legible.

Finally he squatted and examined it.

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He examined the bailiff's accounts of the village in Ryazan which belonged to his wife's nephew, wrote two business letters, and walked over to the granaries, cattle yards and stables before dinner.

She examined her palms, already red and painful from the unaccustomed exercise.

His not wholly satisfactory explanation was mathematically examined in 1835 by Richard Potter (Camb.

The wooden animal gave a start, and then examined the other intently.

Rutherford examined it very carefully, and produced a magnetic detector for electric waves depending upon the power of electric oscillations in a coil to demagnetize a saturated bundle of steel wires placed in it (see Phil.

Alex examined the tree for a few minutes.

To enable a distant ship or other object to be examined more closely it is possible in some periscopes to change the magnification from a normal power of 1.5 to a power of 6.