Sentence Examples with the word Ewing

The behaviour of nickel in weak fields has been observed by Ewing (Phil.

Important memoirs by Ewing and Rosenhain, and by C. T.

A plan of the apparatus as arranged by Ewing for the latter purpose is shown diagrammatically in fig.

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The annexed table gives the saturation values of I for the particular metals examined by Ewing and Low: Wrought iron .

Another son, Thomas Ewing (1829-1896), studied at Brown University in1852-1854(in 1894, by a special vote, he was placed on the list of graduates in the class of 1856); he was a lawyer and a freestate politician in Kansas in 1857-1861, and was the first chiefjustice of the Kansas supreme court (1861-1862).

Thomson), and was subsequently investigated by Ewing and Cowan.

The results of some comparative tests published by Ewing (Proc. Inst.

The borough of South Trenton was annexed in 1850; the borough of Chambersburg and the township of Millham in 1888; the borough of Wilbur in 1898; and parts of the townships of Ewing and Hamilton in 1900.

The effect of the ends of the wire is, as Ewing remarks, to shear the diagram in the horizontal direction through the angle which the sloping line makes with the vertical.

Sankey were found by Ewing to give the following results, which, however, are regarded as being unusually favourable.