Sentence Examples with the word Evicted

Were evicted from all their northern strongholds.

An Evicted Tenants Bill was however passed at the end of the session, which gave the Estates Commissioners unprecedented powers to take land compulsorily.

At any time the tenant could relinquish his holding; but he could only be evicted for refusing to pay his tretina, for wilful neglect of his land or for damage done to it.

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A bill to provide compensation for tenants who had been evicted by Irish landlords passed the Commons, but was shipwrecked in the Lords, and a ghastly record of outrage and murder stained the following winter.

Bohemund the younger, however, prosecuted his claim with vigour, and even evicted his father from Antioch about I199; but he was ousted by Leo (now king of Armenia by 1 During the captivity of Bohemund III.

The bill to restore the evicted tenants, which resulted from the Mathew Commission, was rejected in the Lords by 249 to 30.

The lord-lieutenant, on taking up his quarters in Dublin, refused a loyal address because of its Unionist tone; and in October the government issued a commission, with Mr Justice Mathew as chairman, which had the restoration of the evicted tenants as its avowed object.