Sentence Examples with the word Evict

He may evict his tenant should the rent be in arrear for five years, and may at any time distrain if it be overdue; but he cannot otherwise interfere with the holding, which the tenant may improve or neglect.

While Weller knew nothing of Dean's legal right to evict Shipton, he didn't seem to feel it was his concern and politely refused to come over and expel him.

On well-guarded strongholds like Thanet or Sheppey in England, Noirmoutier at the Loire mouth, or the Isle of Walcheren, they defied the local magnates to evict them.

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Dermot was triumphant, and sent for more auxiliaries, Ispiring to evict Roderic OConnor of Connaught from the precarious throne of High King of Ireland.

But when his elder brothers were reconciled in the next year they combined to evict Henry from the Cotentin.

Hence the attempt of the political bishops to get Wycliffe condemned as a heretic became inextricably mixed with the attempt of the constitutional party, to which the bishops belonged, to evict the duke from his position of first councillor to the king and director of the policy of the realm.