Sentence Examples with the word Every inch

She trailed him up the stairs, taking in every inch of his perfectly round butt to his slender hips and thick back.

She thought she knew every inch of her place, but she'd never examined it from this angle before.

Dean boiled every inch of the remaining trip to Montrose.

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When the troops at last advanced in three strong columns, every inch of ground was disputed, and the government troops were frequently repulsed, till, fresh regiments arriving, he forced his way to the Place de la Bastille and crushed the insurrection in its headquarters.

The man who tore people in two had been beyond gentle with her, savoring every inch of her body, as if he was trying to memorize everything about her.

As she moved around the cabin opening windows, she examined every inch of the floor for possible entry routes a snake might utilize.

Our Emperor joined the army to encourage it to defend every inch of Russian soil and not to retreat.

In World War I, in the Battle of the Somme, were over a million casualties, and the action advanced the Allied line just seven miles, or about two deaths for every inch of ground.

She had been over every inch of his body numerous times without seeing the marking.

Kiera stared at him, struggling to focus on his face when all she wanted to do was study every inch of his perfect body.