Sentence Examples with the word Evelyn

Romas and Evelyn were already several dozen feet down the flowered path.

The first great impetus of change in the configuration of London was given by the great fire, and Evelyn records and regrets that the town in his time had grown almost as large again as it was within his own memory.

Hopefully, hopefully, that would be the largest obstacle Evelyn faced in explaining the situation to her.

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Kiera tossed the thoughts around in her head, guilty at the thought of ditching Evelyn yet offended that Evey thought to keep her here without telling her.

She relaxed into the comfortable black desk chair in front of her computer, wondering if Romas had told Evelyn of the half a dozen kids he expected.

While she could never fully understand what it was to have the weight of a planet on her shoulders for fifteen years, her resentment toward A'Ran's rigid sense of duty began to thaw as Evelyn went on.

In 9 vols., 1878-1886; English translation by Evelyn Abbott, 1877-1882).

At first glance, Lishana did not seem the kind of mother-in-law that might cause Evelyn problems.

The next two days passed quickly as Kiera helped Evelyn set up her sudden wedding.

She'd not mated as highly as she might have if she remained with Evelyn and mated with Kisolm, the next ruler of Qatwal.