Sentence Examples with the word Evaporating

By adding ammonium chloride to the solution, evaporating in vacuo, and then volatilizing the ammonium chloride, anhydrous ferrous chloride is obtained.

Instead, the trail was an illogical hodgepodge of unrelated sequences that had skipped forward until evaporating someplace west of Hays, Kansas.

The anhydrous acid is not known, since on evaporating the aqueous solution it gradually decomposes into silicon fluoride and hydrofluoric acid.

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By evaporating urine to dryness and distilling the residue with sand.

Berzelius); or by evaporating antimony trichloride to dryness with nitric acid.

Diammonium hydrogen phosphate, (NH 4) 2 HPO 4, is formed by evaporating a solution of phosphoric acid with excess of ammonia.

Indium Sulphate, Ine(SO 4) 3, is obtained as a white powder very soluble in water by evaporating the trioxide with sulphuric acid.

Pick's system a triple effect is obtained by evaporating in these connected vessels, so that the steam from one heats the second into which it is led (see Soc. of Eng., 1891, p. 115).

It is obtained as fine lemon yellow deliquescent prisms by evaporating a solution of any of the oxides in nitric acid.

The determination of salinity was formerly carried out by evaporating a weighed quantity of sea-water to dryness and weighing the residue.