Sentence Examples with the word Evangelizing

The remainder of Whitefield's life was spent chiefly in evangelizing tours in Great Britain, Ireland and America.

Since childhood he had been filled with zeal for foreign missions, and he conceived the determination to found a great English missionary college to fit young priests for the work of evangelizing the heathen.

Apart from Queensland most of the black population is in West Australia; here the Roman Catholic Church is the main evangelizing agency.

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Duff saw that, to reach these communities, educational must take the place of evangelizing methods, and he devised the policy of an educational mission.

A few settlements on the banks of the main river and some of its tributaries, either for trade with the Indians or for evangelizing purposes, had been founded by the Portuguese pioneers of European civilization.

Immediately after the island became a French possession the French Protestant Churches began (in 1896) to take part in the evangelizing of their new colony, and about half the area for long occupied by the London Missionary Society was transferred to the Paris Society.

He then began an evangelizing tour in Bath, Bristol and other towns, his eloquence at once attracting immense multitudes.

After the war of 1856 a measure of official toleration was obtained, and the task of evangelizing the country was fairly begun.

We have seen St Benedict evangelizing the pagan population round Monte Cassino; and a considerable time each day is assigned to the reading of the Fathers.

Plan for evangelizing Africa by bringing over native children to be trained as Christian teachers to their own countrymen.