Sentence Examples with the word Evangelized

Others of the same order evangelized Paraguay in 1582, while the Huguenots sent forth under a French knight of Malta a body of devoted men to attempt the formation of a Christian colony at Rio Janeiro.

He died in 745, and was succeeded by Joseph, who evangelized Phrygia and died near Antioch of Pisidia in 775.

It was finally evangelized from quite another quarter, by Irish missionaries brought by King Oswald from Columbas monastery of lona.

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The Bohemian Brethren evangelized Little Poland, but ultimately coalesced with the Calvinists at the synod of Kozminek (August 1555).

Benedictines - Wilfrid, Willibrord, Swithbert, Willehad - who evangelized Friesland and Holland; and another, Winfrid or Boniface, who, with his fellow-monks Willibald and others,.

The men for this work were now ready, and the sons of the newly evangelized English Churches were ready to go forth.

The Goths and the Vandals who poured down upon the Roman Empire were evangelized so silently and rapidly that only a fact here and there relating to their conversion has been preserved.

He divides the countries which had been evangelized by the close of the 3rd century into four groups: (I) Those countries in which Christianity numbered nearly one-half of the population and represented the standard religion of the people, viz.

In the second half of the 9th century the monks of Corvey, according to Helmold's Chronica Slavorum, evangelized the island of Riigen, where they built a church in honour of St Vitus.

On his way a west wind drove him to Friesland, where he evangelized the natives and prepared the way for Willibrord.