Sentence Examples with the word Evangelium

Meyer, entitled Jesus, Jesu Jiinger and das Evangelium im Talmud and verwandten jiidischen Schriften, to which also a good bibliography of the subject is prefixed.

It is true that Niclaes claimed to hold an impartial attitude towards all existing religious parties, and his mysticism, derived from David Joris, was undogmatic. Yet he admitted his followers by the rite of adult baptism, and set up a hierarchy among them on the Roman model (see his Evangelium Regni, in English A Joyfull Message of the Kingdom, 1574?; reprinted, 1652).

In 1826 he removed as professor of theology to Leipzig, where, hitherto distinguished only as editor of Bardesanes, Marcion (Marcion's Evangelium in seiner ursprienglichen Gestalt, 1823), and Ephraem Syrus, and the joint editor of a Syrische Chrestomathie (1824), he came into great prominence as the author of a treatise, De rationalismi qui dicitur vera indole et qua cum naturalismo contineatur ratione (1827), and also of an Offene Erklarung an die Evangelische Kirche zuntichst in Sachsen u.

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Hauge's principal writings are Forsog til Afhandeling om Guds Visdom (1796); Anvisning til Nogle morkelige Sprog i Bibelen (1798); Forklaring over Loven og Evangelium (1803).

C. Hawkins, Horae Synopticae (Oxford, 1899); Prof. Julius Wellhausen, Eini-eitung in die drei ersten Evangelien (Berlin, 1905), Das Evangelium Marci (1903), Das Ev.

They either ignored the Scriptures, endeavoured to prove them in the main by a helpful republication of the Evangelium aeternum, or directly impugned their divine character, their infallibility, and the validity of their evidences as a complete manifestation of the will of God.

Wellhausen, Das Evangelium Marci, Das Evangelium Matthiii, Das Evangelium Lucas (1904), Einleitung in die drei ersten Evangelien (1905); A.

In 1845 he was entirely captivated by the Tubingen school, and in his work Das Evangelium Marcions and das kanonische Evangelium des Lukas, published in 1846, he appears as a disciple of F.

Pseudo-Joachimite treatises sprang up on every hand, and, finally, in 1254, there appeared in Paris the Liber introductorius ad Evangelium aeternum, the work of a Spiritual Franciscan, Gherardo da Borgo San Donnino.