Sentence Examples with the word Eva

If the sun shines brightly I will take you to see Leila and Eva and Bessie.

Few things are finer in music or literature than the end of the second act of Die Meistersinger, from the point where Sachs's apprentice begins the riot, to the moment when the watchman, frightened at the silence of the moonlit streets so soon after he has heard all that noise, announces eleven o'clock and bids the folk pray for protection against evil spirits, while the orchestra tells us of the dreams of Walther and Eva and ends by putting poetry even into the pedantic ineptitudes of the malicious Beckmesser.

I am so glad that Eva is coming to stay with me this summer.

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In 1775 he travelled for nine months in Italy with Prince Leopold of Brunswick, and in the following year he married Eva KOnig, the widow of a Hamburg merchant, with whom he had been on terms of intimate friendship. But their happiness lasted only for a brief period; in 1778 she died in childbed.

I am very sorry that Eva and Bessie are sick.

To Richard Strongbow, earl of Pembroke and head of the house of Clare, Dermot gave his daughter Eva in marriage;.

But Irish customs admitted no estates of inheritance, and Eva had no more right to the reversion of Leinster than she had to that of Japan.

The stipulated consideration was the hand of Eva his only child, and according to feudal law his sole heiress, to whose issue lands and kingdoms would naturally pass.

Lewis, Nursing, its Theory and Practice; Eva C. E.

The two barons were promised lands, the earl a greater bribethe hand of Dermots only daughter Eva and the inheritance of the kingdom of Leinster.