Sentence Examples with the word Ev

O Ev C.Utec; (2) Zenodotus of Mallus, the disciple of Crates, who like his master attacked Aristarchus.

Kwyos EvXQ,plov oU E,7 J 7rral TO Q7rapriov, Kai Ev Ta l TEXEralS t301,Elro Iva Quoted by Lobeck, Aglaophamus, i.

Century increased almost beyond all expectation the PhyJogeny ev i dence for the fact of evolution.

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D6rpfeld's identification of the Dionysium, Ev Xt pvats cannot be regarded as proved; his view that another Pythium and another Olympieum existed in this neighbourhood is still less probable; but the inconclusiveness of these theories does not necessarily invalidate his identification of the Enneacrunus, with regard to the position of which the language of Thucydides is far from clear.

Mvvia and Mvaia rt Ev Eupdnrp, to distinguish it from Mysia in Asia), in ancient geography, a district inhabited by a Thracian people, bounded on the S.