Sentence Examples with the word Euthyneura

In other Euthyneura this groove may close up and form a canal.

This conclusion has shown that the Euthyneura do not represent an archaic form of Gastropoda, but are themselves derived from streptoneurous forms. The difference between the two sub-classes has been shown to be slight; certain of the more archaic Tectibranchia (Actaeon) and Pulmonata (Chilina) still have the visceral commissure long and not untwisted.

A few Euthyneura in which the shell is not much reduced retain an operculum in the adult state, e.g.

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In gp, Adrectal purpuri the Euthyneura (fig.

All the Euthyneura are hermaphrodite.

Sub-Class II.-Euthyneura The most important general character of the Euthyneura is the absence of torsion in the visceral commissure, and the more posterior position of the anus and pallial organs.

The fact that all the Euthyneura are hermaphrodite is not a fundamental difference; several Streptoneura are so, likewise Valvata, Oncidiopsis, Marsenina, Odostomia, Bathysciadium, Entoconcha).

The Euthyneura comprises two orders, Opisthobranchia and Pulmonata.

In those Euthyneura in which the shell is entirely absent in the adult, it is, except in the three genera Cenia, Runcina and Vaginula, developed in the larva and then falls off.

It is followed in some specialized Heteropoda and in the Euthyneura by a torsion in the opposite direction, or detorsion, which brings the anus farther back and untwists the visceral commissure (see Euthyneura, below).