Sentence Examples with the word Europa

Van Kampen, Geschiedenis der Nederlanders buiten Europa (4 vols., 1833); W.

Montelius, The Civilization of Sweden in Heathen Times (London, 1888), and Der Orient and Europa (Stockholm, 1899); E.

In 1802 he went to Paris, where he edited the review Europa (1803), lectured on philosophy and carried on Oriental studies, some results of which he embodied in an epoch-making book, Ober die Sprache and Weisheit der Indier (1808).

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In all southern Europe only four faunistic products can be named: the Saggio di storia naturale Bresciana of Pilati, published at Brescia in 1769; the Ornitologia dell' Europa meridionale of Bernini, published at Parma between 1772 and 1776; the Uccelli di Sardegna of Cetti, published at Sassari in 1776; and the Romana ornithologia of Gilius, published at Rome in 1781 - the last being in great part devoted to pigeons and poultry.

Propheten (3 vols., Gott., 1816-1819); Allgemeine Geschichte der Cultur and Literatur des neuern Europa (2 vols., Gott., 1796-1799); Litereirgeschichte (1st vol., Gott., 1799, 2nd ed.

Rhadamanthys), in Greek mythology, son of Zeus and Europa and brother of Minos, king of Crete.

Other periodicals which appeared in the 18th century were Mailer's Mercurio (1738); the Diario noticioso (1758-1781); El Pensador (1762-1767) of Joseph Clavijo y Fajardo; El Belianis literario (1765), satirical in character; the Semanario erudito (1778-1791), a clumsy collection of documents; El Correo literario de la Europa (1781-1782); El Censor (1781); the valuable Memorial literario (1784-1808); El Correo literario (1786-1791), devoted to literature and science; and the special organs El Correo mercantil (1792-1798) and El Semanario de agricultura (1797-1805).

History in the macaronic period made a backward step: it had been written in the Polish language in the golden age; it was now again to take a Latin form, as in the Chronica Gestarum in Europa singularium of the ecclesiastic Paul Piasecki (1580-1649), who is an authority for the reigns of Sigismund III.

Muller, Asien and Europa nach altagypt.

Italien sowie in das iibrige Europa (3rd ed., 1877), p. 38.