Sentence Examples with the word Euphorbiaceous

America was obtained, whilst a little later Fresnau and Aublet described the Euphorbiaceous trees which furnished the rubber of Guiana.

The Sangre del drago of the Mexicans is a resin resembling dragon's blood obtained from a euphorbiaceous tree, Croton Draco.

No other undoubted Angiosperm has yet been discovered in Europe in strata of this age, but Heer records a poplar-like leaf from Urgonian strata, a stage newer than the Valenginian, in Greenland, and Saporta has described from strata of the same date in Portugal a Euphorbiaceous plant apparently closely allied to the living Phyllanthus and named by him Choffatia Francheti (fig.

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Arg., a large euphorbiaceous tree upwards of 60 ft.