Sentence Examples with the word Eulogies

The eulogies showered upon it in the past were no longer considered adequate.

The elector was a great hunter and a hard drinker, whose brave and dignified bearing in a time of misfortune won for him his surname of Magnanimous, and drew eulogies from Roger Ascham and Melanchthon.

Contains a more developed form of the myth of Nero redivivus in which a panegyric on him (137-141) has been brought up to date by some Jew or Christian, and eulogies of Hadrian and his successors (48-51) side by side with the legend of the miserable death of Titus in quittance of his destruction of Jerusalem (411-413) which probably represents the hope of the zealots who survived it.

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See also Alcide Dusolier, Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly (1862), a collection of eulogies and interviews; Paul Bourget, Preface to d'Aurevilly's Memoranda (1883); Jules Lemaitre, Les Contemporains; Eugene Grele, Barbey d'Aurevilly, sa vie et son oeuvre (1902); Rene Doumic, in the Revue des deux mondes (Sept.

Frangais wrote a number of works, but his name is more likely to be preserved by the eulogies of the literary men to whom he afforded protection and assistance.

It is significant that botanical notes are added to the poem, and that its eulogies of scientific men are frequent.

This report, the proposal that he made (August 27, 1795) to lessen the severity of the revolutionary laws, and the eulogies he received from several Paris sections suspected of disloyalty to the republic, resulted in his being obliged to justify himself (October 1 5, 1 795).

The governor of the state sent a special message of grief to the legislature on his death, eulogies were delivered in the two houses, and a public memorial service was held, at which Dr O.

Criticisms and eulogies of a personal nature.

He had only conceived the idea of The Patriot King in the person of the worthless Frederick in order to stir up sedition, while his eulogies on retirement and study were pronounced from an enforced exile.