Sentence Examples with the word Ethiopic

Other books, like the Ethiopic Enoch, exhibit a series of independent sources connected more or less loosely together.

The last-named gives an elaborate history of interpretation from the Septuagint down to Calvin, and appends the Ethiopic text edited by Dillmann.

Only in the Jordan valley do intrusions from the Ethiopic region appear.

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In the first Arabic and Ethiopic versions it is called r Ezra; in some Latin MSS.

The Sabaean, like other Semitic, inscriptions are generally written from right to left, but a few are 1 30vrrp04nSop; the Ethiopic is written from left to right, and makes a marked advance upon the ordinary Semitic manner of writing by indicating the vowels.

The alphabet of the Sabaean inscriptions is most closely akin to the Ethiopic, but is purely consonantal, without the modifications in the consonantal forms which Ethiopic has devised to express vowels.

The portion of this Hebrew work which is derived from the older work is reprinted in Charles's Ethiopic Version of the Hebrew Book of Jubilees, p. 179.

From G 1 the Ethiopic Version and the first Latin Version (consisting of ii.

Though this book has not come down to us independently, it has in large measure been incorporated in the Ethiopic Book of Enoch, and can in part be reconstructed from it.

Adambuch des Morgenlandes, 1853), and the Ethiopic book first edited by Trump (Abh.