Sentence Examples with the word Ethelred

Southwark witnessed various episodes during the invasions of the Norsemen, and was fortified by the Danes against the City in the reign of Ethelred the Unready.

The early abbey was probably destroyed by the Danes in the reign of i z Ethelred the Unready (978-1015), for in 1043 Edward the Confessor founded here a college of secular canons.

The importance of the foundation made it the burial-place of King Ethelred in 871, and of King Sifferth in 962.

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Of England, i., where an excellent account is given; History of the Jesuits in England, by Father Ethelred Taunton (1901); Father Gerard's Narrative in Condition of the Catholics under James I.

Together Canute and Edric harried Mercia, and were preparing to reduce London, when Ethelred died there on the 23rd of April 1016.

In April Ethelred died, and Alfred succeeded to the whole burden of the contest.

B.) Ethelred I., king of Wessex and Kent (866-871), was the fourth son of lEthelwulf of Wessex, and should, by his father's will, have succeeded to Wessex on the death of his eldest brother lEthelbald.

After his first English expedition Sweyn was content to blackmail England instead ofravaging it, till the ruthless massacre of the Danes on St Brice's day, the 3rd of November 1002, by Ethelred the Unready (Sweyn's sister was among the victims) brought the Danish king to Exeter (1003).

Shortly afterwards the kingdom of the Mercians came to an end and their leading earl Ethelred accepted Alfred's overlordship. By 886 Alfred's authority was admitted in all the provinces of England which were not under Danish rule.

By Ethelred Emma had two sons, Edward the Confessor and the atheling Elfred (d.