Sentence Examples with the word Ethel

I owed a follow up call to both Ethel Reagan at the Boston newspaper and Agnes Delanco, at After.

Friday was the second day in a row to begin with a phone call from Ethel Rosewater.

When Ethel did the inviting, the function was nearly always out of town.

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I'm sure Ethel Reagan had a thousand more questions but she didn't press me.

He met Ethel at a cocktail party both were attending by obligation and neither were enjoying.

I used the break in at Ethel Reagan's place as an excuse to have Howie visit both Boston burglaries.

To kill further time, I telephoned Ethel Reagan.

It had been nearly a month of empty Thursday nights since his no-show session with Ethel Rosewater and the beautiful Betty from Boise was offering an effective way to make sure that embarrassment was a temporary happening.

He turned on his heels and left, making Dean sorry he'd mentioned Ethel Rosewater to Cynthia Byrne in the first place.

If you must know, Ethel couldn't make it to the service and thought the firm should be represented.