Sentence Examples with the word Estuaries

These are opposite to the large estuaries of the Queensland rivers, and might be thought to have been caused by fresh water from the land.

Tidal waters furnish minute whitebait, and the mud-flats of salt or brackish lagoons and estuaries flounders - both very delicate eating.

Of the Physostomi, the siluroids are abundant in the estuaries and muddy waters; the habits of some of these fishes are remarkable, such as that of the males carrying the ova in their mouths till the young are hatched.

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Projecting into these sounds and between the estuaries of rivers flowing into them are extensive tracts of swamp land - the best known of these is Dismal Swamp, which lies mostly in Virginia and is about 3 o m.

The scenery of the neighbouring Orwell and Stour estuaries is pleasant.

If the sea be imagined as rising ioo ft., a new coast-line, with bays and estuaries indented in the valleys, would appear at the new sea-level.

The snock, the steenbrass and geelbeck are common in the estuaries and bays.

The bay forms a fairly regular curve, broken on the French seaboard only by the estuaries of the Loire, Garonne, Adour and..

The upper end of the bay and its northern shores are fringed with swamps through which numerous estuaries penetrate for some distance inland.

Besides these there are a number of small indentations, sheltered anchorages formed by islands and reefs like that of Puerto Cabello, and estuaries and also open roadsteads, like those of La Guaira and Carupano, which serve important ports.