Sentence Examples with the word Esparto

Local industries include the manufacture of coarse cloth, esparto fabrics, oil and flour.

About 1400 ships, of nearly i,000,000 tons, enter the port every year, bringing fuel and timber, and taking cargoes of iron, lead, esparto and fruit.

The esparto is twisted into cords and ropes and the staple matting so common on the floors of Spanish houses of all classes, the estera.

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Sundry experiments have been made to adapt esparto for use in the coarser textile fabrics.

Coal and coke are largely exported, and corn, timber and esparto grass are imported.

The chief exports are sheep and oxen, most of which are raised in Morocco and Tunisia, and horses; animal products, such as wool and skins; wine, cereals (rye, barley, oats), vegetables, fruits (chiefly figs and grapes for the table) and seeds, esparto grass, oils and vegetable extracts (chiefly olive oil), iron ore, zinc, natural phosphates, timber, cork, crin vegetal and tobacco.

Cieza is built in a narrow bend of the Segura valley, which is enclosed on the north by mountains, and on the south broadens into a fertile plain, producing grain, wine, olives, raisins, oranges and esparto grass.

It is the chief outlet for the Spanish trade in esparto grass, and for the iron ore and other mineral products of the neighbourhood.

Of Oran) by the line from Arzeu to Saida and Ain Sefra which serves the high plateau whence esparto is obtained.

Here we find open plant associations of Haifa or Esparto Grass (Stipa lenacissima) alternating with steppes of Chih (Artemisia herba-alba); and each plant association extends for several scores of miles.