Sentence Examples with the word Escorted

Dustin escorted the man into the mansion, and Pierre wrapped an arm around her as she sagged.

Every day started the same: she escorted his nightly meal-toy out of the condo.

The annual pilgrim caravan or haj, numbering some 6000 people with Io,000 pack animals, is escorted by a few Turkish irregulars known as agel; small fortified posts have been established at the regular halting-places some 30 m.

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Thence she passed through Leicester, Coventry and Warwick, finally entering Oxford, where she met Prince George, in triumph, escorted by a large company.

He was arrested at the coup d'etat, was sent to Mazas, and then escorted out of France.

The recruits who draw unlucky numbers at 19 years of age are seldom called up till they are 23, when they are summoned by name and escorted by a policeman to Cairo.

When going to solemn ceremonies he is carried on the sedia, a portable chair of red velvet with a high back, and escorted by two flabelli of peacock feathers.

Zeb was also escorted to a room--so grand and beautiful that he almost feared to sit in the chairs or lie upon the bed, lest he might dim their splendor.

Three massive warriors escorted a fourth whose hands were bound.

The wagons escorted by the hussars drew up to the picket ropes and a crowd of hussars surrounded them.