Sentence Examples with the word Escaping

That island, which had been ceded by France in 1810, three years after the abolition, had special facilities for escaping observation in consequence of the proximity of the African coast; but it was soon obliged to conform.

He pointed to his manuscript book with that air of escaping from the ills of life with which unhappy people look at their work.

To carbonic acid as it meets the outer air on escaping from the mouth of the converter, and generates a true flame which grows.

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Various forms of apparatus are employed for this treatment of the crude bicarbonate - sometimes semi-circular troughs with mechanical agitators on the principle of the Thelen pan (see above) - all acting on the principle that the escaping ammonia and carbon dioxide must be fully utilized over again.

The full reach of this discovery seems as yet scarcely to have impressed itself upon the emperor with complete conviction, for in the succeeding campaign in Poland we find that he twice departed from this form - at Pultusk and Heilsbergand each time his enemy succeeded in escaping him.

For 23 years he wandered far and wide, bringing comfort and succour to his co-religionists, and often very narrowly escaping capture.

The inevitable result was that only an occasional blockaderunner could succeed in escaping detection and attack.

This mixture dissolves in petroleum, escaping when the oil is stored, and conversely it invariably carries a certain amount of water and oil, which is deposited on compression.

He returned to Genoa for good in 1555, and being very old and infirm he gave over the command of the galleys to his great-nephew Giovanni Andrea Doria, who conducted an expedition against Tripoli, but proved even more unsuccessful than his uncle had been at Algiers, barely escaping with his life.

To 1300-1234 B.C. 1 In Merenptah's fifth year the Delta was invaded by a formidable body of Libyans and other foes; 2 and it has been conjectured that the Israelites took the opportunity of escaping during the unsettlement that was thus occasioned.