Sentence Examples with the word Erlangen

GOTTLIEB CHRISTOPH ADOLF VON HARLESS (1806-1879), German divine, was born at Nuremberg on the 21st of November 1806, and was educated at the universities of Erlangen and Halle.

Brewing forms an important industry, the best-known breweries being those of Munich, Nuremberg, Erlangen and Kulmbach.

During seven years at Erlangen (1820-1827).

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He was appointed professor of theology at Erlangen in 1836 and at Leipzig in 1845.

He studied theology at Erlangen and Berlin, and in 1856 became professor ordinarius of systematic theology and New Testament exegesis at Leipzig.

He died at Erlangen on the 23rd of July 1888.

The chief industries of Erlangen are spinning and weaving, and the manufacture of glass, paper, brushes and gloves.

He was educated in his native town and at Berlin, and after teaching in a private family became Privatdocent at Erlangen (184r) and then professor of theology at Zurich (1844).

He was a conservative in theology, but an enthusiastic adherent of the progressive party in politics, and sat as member for Erlangen and Furth in the Bavarian second chamber from 1863 to 1868.

After studying at Erlangen and Berlin, he accepted in 1827 an appointment at the Nuremberg gymnasium, and was professor of classics at Erlangen from 1842 till his death on the 21st of April 185 9.