Sentence Examples with the word Eritrea

Egyptian authority was withdrawn from the coast regions south of Suakin in 1884 (see below and also Abyssinia; Eritrea and Somaliland).

These are intermittent streams rising in the eastern chain of mountains in Eritrea and flowing in a general northerly direction.

Melli, La Colonia Eritrea dalle sue origini al anno 1por (Parma, 1901); G.

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During the early years of the Roman empire, Eritrea formed part of an important independent state - that of the Axumites (Assamites).

Only the left bank of the upper course of the river is in Abyssinian territory, the Mareb here forming the boundary between Eritrea and Abyssinia.

In 1902 the special corps in Eritrea numbered about 4700 of all ranks, including nearly 4000 natives.

An ERITREA Italian colony on the African coast of the Red Sea.

On the 1st of January 1890 the various Italian possessions on the coast of the Red Sea were united by royal decree into one province under the title of the Colony of Eritrea - so named after the Erythraeum Mare of the Romans.

The fall of the Rudini cabinet in June 1898, however, enabled Signor Ferdinando Martini and Captain Cicco di Cola, who had been appointed respectively civil governor of Eritrea and minister resident at Adis Ababa, to prevent the cession of Sera and OkulKusai, and to secure the assent of Menelek to Italian retention of the Mareb-Belesa-Muna frontier.

Cyprus mules have found favour in war in the Crimea, India, Uganda, Eritrea and Egypt.