Sentence Examples with the word Erde

His collected works, including Ober den Einfluss der Chemie and Mineralogie (1824), Die Naturgeschichte des Mineralreichs (1842), Ober die Theorien der Erde (1844), were published at Munich in 1856.

This has been done with success and in great detail by Grisebach, whose Vegetation der Erde from this point of view is still unsurpassed.

His son, GEORG ADOLF ERMAN (1806-1877), was born in Berlin on the 12th of May 1806, and after studying natural science at Berlin and Konigsberg, spent from 1828 to 1830 in a journey round the world, an account of which he published in Reise urn die Erde durch Nordasien and die beiden Ozeane (1833-1848).

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Suess, Das Antlitz der Erde (see, especially, vol.

Erman, Reise urn die Erde iii., (Berlin, 1848); C. von Ditmar, Reisen and Aufenthalt in Kamchatka in den Jahren 1851-1855 (1890-1900); G.

Suess, Das Antlitz der Erde (Vienna,1885) (English translation, Oxford, 1904)should be consulted.

His chief scientific and philosophical works are: Beitrdge zur innern Naturgeschichte der Erde (1801); Grundzilge der.

The Statesman's Year Book for 1907 estimates it at 4,279,674 in 1905, including about 150,000 wild Indians, while Supan's Die Bevolkerung der Erde (1904) places it at 3,917,000 in 1899.

Supan in Die Bevolkerung der Erde (1904).

If the level of the sea were to become coincident with the mean level of the lithosphere, there would result one tri-radiate land-mass of nearly uniform outline and one continuous sheet of water ' Das Antlitz der Erde (4 vols., Leipzig, 1885, 1888, 1901).